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Product Features of EZ Order Manager


  • Full multi-company, multi-user support.
  • Security at company or user level.
  • Easily switch between your companies. No need to logout/login.
  • Preferences (UI presentation and default values) can be set at company and user level.
  • All operations performed within SSL (https) for added security.
  • Your (and your customer's) data is backed up daily. Critical tables backed up hourly.
  • Servers are in a secure, caged environment.

Company Screen Shot

  • All meaningful company information summarized on landing page (My Company).
    • Graphic order history.
    • Inventory/reorder status.
    • List of all open orders and items.
    • Current financials of open orders (inventory cost, profit, revenue)
    • List of emails sent.

Orders Screen Shot

  • Automated real-time order updates from your cart or store provider.
  • View all your open orders, their status and other info at once.
  • Order Status visible at all times.
  • Status of each item within an order clearly shown.
  • Automatic detection of Back-order items.
  • Automatic association to drop-ship supplier.
  • Automated printing of documents (Sales Receipt, Invoice, Packing Slip, etc.)
  • Batch queuing/printing of newly received orders.
  • Automated order data verification for common order fields (address match, PO Box detection, credit card AVS codes, phone/email, etc.).
  • Clear and orderly view of all open orders.
  • Separation of product items versus fee (non-inventory) items.
  • Ability to automatically email customer upon order status changes.
  • Next process step clearly defined.
  • Orders searchable by a variety of fields (OrderID, UPC, Start/End dates, Credit Card, ShipTo Name, orderStatus, etc.)
  • Graphical view of last 7 days, last 30 days and last year
  • Statistics available for most frequent items and customers as well as greatest margin or margin percentage.

Shipping Screen Shot

  • Integrated shipping (UPS, USPS). Others available on demand.
  • Weight/dimensions determined from inventory item, drop-ship item or company default.
  • Automatic package tracking.
  • Print/re-print labels
  • Itemize package contents, complete multi-package support
  • Shipping profit shown for each shipment.

Payment Processing

  • Instant payments supported.
  • Support for a variety of merchant account providers. Others added as needed.
  • Automated "charge/capture" of credit card/funds after shipment.
  • Imbalance detection and resolution.

Supplier Inventory Management

  • Inventory chains (SKU consists of multiple other items)
  • Define supplier ordering methods (email or other electronic methods)
  • Auto-order for restocking of critical items.
  • Restock thresholds (min/max)
  • Stock order lists based on individual item criteria you establish.
  • Variety of unit-cost methods.

Drop-ship Suppliers

  • Several drop-ship suppliers supported. More available on demand.
  • Search drop-ship suppliers by UPC, description, make, model, etc.)
  • Automatic creation of inventory item when drop-ship supplier item received in order.
  • Real-time availability checks if supported by drop-shipper.

Customers Screen Shot

  • Visually see repeat customers on Orders page (gold star next to name)
  • Assign customers to categories you define.
  • Create email templates for mass mail advertising by one or more customer categories.
  • Clearly see all customer orders and emails that have been sent.


  • Manually import or export Orders, customer lists, inventory or supplier information.
  • Several data formats available (XML, CSV or HTTP POST)

How it all works

To see how all this works together, view the Order Process Flow diagram.



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