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A Quck Look At EZom

EZom Is A WEB Application

Being completely web-based, EZom requires no special hardware (servers, dedicated workstations, etc.). You do not have to worry about backing up your data (we do it for you). There are no databases to buy, no software to install. Simply sign-up and start managing your inventory and connecting with your partners and suppliers.

The only requirement we impose is a high-speed internet connection and a somewhat current browser. If you do not have a high-speed connection, the application will perform just fine. However the performance of page-to-page access will be impacted.

We are constantly striving to implement new interfaces to your partners and suppliers. We are focused on customer service and our goal is to make your E-commerce business as painless and profitable as possible. You've worked hard to get where you are. You might as well enjoy it!
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A Quick Look At EZom

EZom is not an accounting system but tries to provide you relevent information about your inventory costs, margins and in-stock information. Customer information is organized to allow quick access to last order, number of items, total revenue, order history etc. Additionally, you can track payment information, shipping information (tracking numbers, date shipped, etc.), print pick-lists, packing-slips and invoices. Order status (and item status within an order) is readily available. Information is color coded so you can quickly identify items that are back-ordered, in-stock, have shipped, payment status, etc. Common search methods and a consistent user interface allows almost unlimited drill-down capabilities for orders, inventory, customers and overall business status and statistics.

Quickly answer common operations questions such as:

  • Who are my top customers? By number of orders? By total revenue? By number of items?
  • What are my top selling items? How has that changed over time?
  • What are my highest margin items? What items generate the most profit (volume or margin)?
  • What's the status of today's orders? How many things were shipped from my inventory, how many from my drop-ship suppliers?
  • What's my order rate compared to previous time frames?

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Integration With Your Suppliers and Data Providers

Integration with various store providers (Yahoo!® for instance) and several shopping carts is provided. EZom is standards based, so integration with providers who utilize industry standards is generally just a matter of setup. Currently, EZom provides an import/export integration with UPS WorldShip. Other UPS solutions are on the way and integration with other shipping providers is coming soon.
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Email Templates Make Life Easier

We support email templates for both order activity and customer activity. You can easily use these templates to produce an email marketing campaign, respond to common customer requests, notify customers of order status changes, etc. The system can be configured to automatically generate emails on order status changes. I.e. if an item is reviewed and found to be Back Ordered, the system can automatically send an email notifying the customer. This capability exists for any order or item status change and is quite powerful.
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EZom Is Service Oriented

EZom (operated by 1st Source IT, LLC) is committed to providing you the easiest and most flexible order management system on the market. We are a young company and have lots to do in order to provide you the service you expect. During this feature-building timeframe, we will offer discounts to our services if our current product does not meet your needs. We strive to be cost-competitive and have provided an online cost calculator to assist you in your purchase decision.

So sign-up today and start using the easiest order management system available today!
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