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What people say about EZom

Customers General Comments

  • EZom is a great little program...flew through it
  • Just what I’ve been looking for, simple, straight forward and easy to learn.
  • You are extremely cost-competitive.
  • I love the new batch queuing/printing of new orders. Saves me tons of time each day.
  • I can't get support like this from the big-guys. Here, I matter.
  • I love being able to see all my orders in one place, sorted and color-coded. It gives me a clear picture of what lies ahead in my day. Thank you for keeping it simple!

Letters We Like To Read

    Multiple stores in Yahoo™, shipping from inventory and drop-ship suppliers
(Contact Debbie -

I have been running one store for 5 years and then started another store in October 2006. I plan to open another one in the spring of 2008. I was using Stone Edge for years and it was fine but lots of clicks to do everything. Setups were also confusing in Stone Edge and I always seemed to need to call for help with a hope of getting a call back within a day or so.

EZOM is great. I love it and it makes my work flow so great, so much easier. The only reason I have to go back to Yahoo is to charge (and Tony says I won't have to do that soon) but other than that, EZOM does it all. If you are ONLY using yahoo and not another back end software program then you will never believe how much it can help you.

I can switch between my companies with a click of my mouse. I share inventory between my stores since both stores have overlap in the items I sell. The system is always available and problems (when discovered) are always fixed quickly. I have never lost any business due to down time or any other problems.


    Multiple stores in Yahoo™, exclusively drop-ship
(Contact Tim - Take Three Inc.)

I run 2 Yahoo™ Stores. EZOM has made my life so much easier. When I was first on the lookout for an order management system, I wanted something that would be very easy for me to use and understand so that I could become more efficient right away. EZOM has exceeded my expectations in spades. It has saved me an incredible amount time and headaches in processing my orders.

I was so used to my old "manual" way of doing things, that just after I finished sending my first real order through EZOM, I literally stared at my computer screen trying to figure out what I forgot to do. It was too easy...I had to have missed something. Nope. I didn't miss really WAS that easy! I couldn't believe it. I had became so accustomed to spending a certain amount of time and effort on every single order; the fact that within a few clicks of the mouse I had accomplished what had previously taken me 5-7 minutes to do before was simply mind-blowing to me.

I'm still trying to adjust to the efficiency of it! :) And EZOM's customer service is simply top-notch. That's all there is to it. No big company hassles to deal with. No maze of customer service reps to deal with. If you've got a problem or a question...just call or email Tony and it's taken care of before you know it. And he's always tweaking the software with new enhancements or features. Sometimes large, sometimes subtle...but always and consistently making the software more efficient...and my job even easier!

Tim O'Sullivan

    Small Distributor shipping from inventory
(Contact Mike - MSO

Dear Prospective EZ Order Manager Customer

Over time I got buried in details...invoices, keeping track of inventory, sending mailings to my customers, staying organized. Like many owners of small businesses, I'd put together a small database that worked for awhile, but it took so much of my time because I was "slow." I wasn't a computer programmer. And I still had to download shopping cart data to collect my orders and that involved many steps.

One day, I'd had enough. Shipping rates had changed again and I had to update the calculations in my database which was a nightmare for me. I simply had to have something more streamlined, and I wanted it to be online, so when my computer failed--which it did several times over the past two years--I could login using any computer with a browser and be back to work immediately.



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