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Cost Calculation for EZom

This small calculator will help you decide if EZorder manager will be cost effective for you. Cost (though important) is just one of the factors that goes into any good business decision. Helping you understand your costs is what we're about.

Cost Calculator

Orders Per Month Rate Cost Per Month
$0.25 $25.00

The form above will generate what EZom would cost you to manage your order/inventory process. If you include your email address (optional) we will email you the results immediately.

Please think about your total cost of ownership when comparing our product against a traditional product you load on your PC. Things like support costs, software maintenance costs, connectivity charges (like Yahoo!® real-time links), etc. Sometimes total cost of ownership is well hidden. So review your total charges from your current provider.

To compare costs against your existing provider, click here for our Cost Comparison Calculator.

EZom Rates

Orders Per Month Cost Per Order
0 - 250$0.25
251 - 500$0.22
501 - 750$0.20
751 - 1000$0.18
1001 - up$0.15

Cost Considerations

  • With EZom there are no hidden charges, no extra modules to buy.
  • We have a small setup-charge which covers our cost in helping get you started.
  • Support is always free. We're just a click or call away.
  • See our Special Pricing page for more details on additional cost savings available

Purchasing Considerations

Many factors affect your buying decision. Whether you are looking to change from your existing Order Management provider or looking to implement one within your business, the following points should be considered.

  • Is your (and your customer’s) data secure? What happens if your PC is stolen or otherwise compromised? What is your liability? - With EZom your data is always secure.
  • Are there any add-on charges for additional functionality (modules to purchase) or additional users, etc.? - With EZom your costs are always the same and based on order volume. There's never a charge for additional users. New functionality is always available to everyone on our system as it is implemented.
  • When you buy new PCs or add PCs to your work environment, what's involved in upgrading with your current provider? - With EZom all you have to do is launch your browser. No new costs or fees, no complex upgrade procedure, no lost time.
  • Is your current provider working with you to solve your particular business needs? We like to think we're adding tools to your toolbox and helping you grow.
  • Do you get the support you need from your current provider? Do they feel like a business partner?
  • Cost is important but not everything. Do your current costs scale with your business? Do costs actually decline as you grow?


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