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Ways to Save at EZom

Review the special pricing options below. If you're interested, drop us a note at Sales Support.

New Customers (expires Sept. 15, 2009)

New to EZom? Special pricing available for new clients.

  • Normal setup charge of $100.00 is reduced to $50.00. Your cost is only $50.00 to startup.
  • Service charges for your first month are waived! From the time you sign up utill the end of the current month, there is no charge.
  • Contact us at Sales Support for more information.
  • Sign Up Here

Capped Cost For High Volume Clients

Process more than 1000 orders a month? Contact us to discuss cost caps. We will cap your cost for order volumes within an order volume range. Options vary from guaranteed minimums to low, low cost per order.

Contact us at Sales Support for more information.

Beta Testers Needed

As we continually add new features/components to our product, we are not always able to test 100% of what we deliver. Unfortunately, business rules used within different companies find problems that we want to fix before unleashing new features or components to our general user base. If you are willing to beta test major new features or new components, read on.

As a beta tester, we require the following from you.

  • Use the new feature/component for the full beta-test period. Normally this is about one month.
  • Be willing to discuss how a new feature/component should be implemented before the beta-test period begins.
  • Be willing to submit defects you encounter and work with us to resolve them to your satisfaction.
  • Be available for a weekly (usually about 15 minute) conference call to discuss your experience with the new feature/component.
  • For large projects, be willing to collaborate with other beta-testers in an email forum for discussion of ideas, issues and solutions.
  • Process in excess of 100 orders a month.

As a beta tester, we are willing to provide the following benefits to you.

  • Receive up to a $50.00 credit (not to exceed your billing amount) on your monthly bill for the beta-test period.
  • Ability to request special features and/or have direct input into the development process.
  • Become a part of the EZom development team.
  • Contact us at Sales Support for more information.


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