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Example Order Flow for EZ Order Manager

The graphic below depicts a common order flow. Orders are either delivered or retrieved into the system. They are then reviewed and verified and queued for action. The system will automatically determine whether an item is a drop-ship item or one that can be filled from your inventory. Shipping is handled through your relationship with your drop-ship supplier.

If the item is a drop ship item, the system will handle it in a manner that is specific to each drop shipper. If it's an inventory item, you can select one or more items for shipment via a shipping provider. Note that items within an order can be shipped via different shipping providers. The item/shipment information is sent to the shipper (either downloaded or electronically transacted), labels are printed and the item is available for pickup.

After shipment, the system determines whether the item has been paid or not. If it has, the status changes from Shipped to Paid and the order is ready to be exported to your accounting system. If is not paid and is "chargeable" then EZom will communicate with your payment provider to "charge" the credit card. If it is not a credit card transaction then the system will prompt you for the payment date and payment amount.

This diagram is not an "all inclusive" diagram but rather is intended to represent the most common order process.


EZom Order Flow




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