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What's new at EZom

Things are constantly changing here at EZom. Being a young company it always seems like there's more to do than is possible. But here are some of our more recent undertakings and some hints at what's coming in the future.

Newer Features

  1. New order-search access from Order Detail and Order Queue pages.
  2. Document templates can now be appended to emails by reference.
  3. New RMA capabilities for returned merchandise tracking.
  4. New, simplified New Order-entry page. Suports shipping quotes, payments and easy product and customer search.
  5. Payables now supported for Drop-Ship sales and Inventory re-order
  6. Enhanced Receivables to allow for more deails that affect UnitCost
  7. Implemented full operational reporting
  8. Integration with ShopSite store manager
  9. Implemented integration with UPS WorldShip 9.0 - more complete info returned
  10. Integration with U.S.P.S. Click-N-Ship™
  11. Integration with Mal's Cart
  12. Inventory can now be shared across companies.
  13. Batch queuing/printing of new orders from myCompany page.
  14. Full support for Google Checkout
  15. UPS XML is now available. This consolidates all your shipment informaiton along with your orders including the tracking history.
  16. Client defined "customer types" now allow you to categorize your customers for more effective email campaigns.
  17. Integration with PayPal's Instant Payment Notification. So now all your payments made via PayPal can be automatically incorporated into your order information.
  18. A generic interface now exists to allow easier integration from your shopping cart for real-time order receipt. This is in addition to our current support for Yahoo!®, Google Checkout and PayPal.
  19. Lots of other changes too numerous to mention here

Come back soon for an update on what's changing at EZom, the simple way to manage your inventory and order process.

New Partners

  • ShopSite
  • Lexiconn
  • Mal's Cart
  • United States Postal Service
  • Google Checkout
  • UPS WorldShip
  • UPS Shipping Tools
  • PayPal shopping cart and Instant Payment Notification
  • Yahoo!® Stores


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