EZ order manager Documentation
System Requirements


We Strongly recommend the use of Firefox versus Internet Explorer. The tightest and most accurate visual display will occur if you use Firefox. At EZom we try to keep things simple and focus our energy on providing you the best technology for solving your business problems. We use very little Javascript or Java Language, the majority of our software is "server side" functionality. This ensures the greatest portability and enables you to use a variety of devices (laptops, etc.) to run your business remotely while sitting on the beach. We recommend a minimum of the following browser versions:

Your browser should have JavaScript enabled (though we use very little). In addition, if you use Firefox, please change the default download behavior to "Ask me where to save every time" from the Tools/Options/Downloads preference screen. This will let us place downloaded files (currently only utilized by UPS WorldShip but may be utilized during other integrations in the future) in the correct directory locations on your system.

We also recommend that you utilize 128bit encryption in your browser. EZom utilizes Secure Socket Layers (SSL) which shows up as https refrenced pages versus unencrpyted pages via http. When data is encrypted, it usually requires more bandwidth in its encrypted state. Hence, speed of internet connections is very important to the performance of this product.


Being a completely web-based solution, there are no real PC requirements other than the ability to run a browser. Pretty simple!

Internet Connectivity

A good, reliable and fast internet connection is all that is required to utilize this product. It will operate effectively at wireless speeds (100Kbs) but we recommend DSL, Cable or T1 connections with a minimum download (downstream) speed of 500Kbs). Most DSL connections today run at 684Kbs or greater and cable speeds have downstream capabilities in the 3-5Mbs range.

We do not recommend dial-up connections. However, the product will work correctly, it will simply be slow to display.

FTP Access

Certain batch style interfaces with external applications (such as UPS WorldShip can run in a more automated fashion if your PC can accept inbound FTP requests. (I.e. allow us to FTP files to and from your PC without user intervention. For this to work correctly, you would need to enable access to the root of your UPS (or other prodcut) directroy. We suggest setting your ftp-d up to run on a unique port since the access needed might be a security risk on the standard FTP port. If you don't know what we're talking about, contact your network administrator or whomever supports your network.